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How to and what to join

To participate in SAEF club sports and activities;

First join your District SAEF Club (Your primary club, Should yoou wsh to represent your district or club this is who you will be representing) --- This is based on your primary residential address, the same one as you use to vote in general elections.Find your District club here.

Thereafter you may elect to join any additional clubs you wish BUT you may not represent them in any formal SAEF competitions. These are referred to as secondary clubs.

As a member of an SAEF club you may participate in any club disciplines offered.

Should you wish to participate in DA level sport, effectively Provincial and above you will be required to additionally join the DA.
Equestrian Disciplines run either as fully autonomous entities outside of SAEF (SAEF represents them when engaging various governing bodies locally and internationally, FEI, SASCOC etc..) or a discipline may have elected to run within SAEF as a technical body managing their code/discipline as they deem necessary.

To join a discipline simply check the relevant box under your profile. You may add as many disciplines as you wish as and when you wish. Independent DA's will automatically receive your information as you apply.